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Trade Facilitation Agreement Malaysia

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The seventh revision of Malaysia`s trade policy gave us a good opportunity to deepen our understanding of its trade and investment policy. I would like to thank the Malaysian delegation led by H.E. J. Jayasiri,…

The seventh revision of Malaysia`s trade policy gave us a good opportunity to deepen our understanding of its trade and investment policy. I would like to thank the Malaysian delegation led by H.E. J. Jayasiri, Secretary General of the Ministry of International Trade and Industry, for its constructive commitment throughout this review. I would also like to thank the President of the debate, Ambassador Claudio de la Puente of Peru, for his informative remarks and all the delegations that spoke for their valuable contributions. The 476 questions out of 27 that were asked and the interventions of 43 delegations underline the importance placed on Malaysia`s trade and investment policy and practice. Malaysia`s use of alternative time frames to answer written prior questions was also assessed. The agreement would ensure a reform of multilateral rules that would benefit members in terms of the speed and efficiency of handling goods, the reduction of business costs and more transparent and predictable international trade. Members welcomed Malaysia as the fifth member to ratify the Trade Facilitation Agreement and welcomed Malaysia`s recent notification of Category B of the agreement. Members welcomed the creation of the National Unified Window, Malaysia`s National Trade Storage Portal and other initiatives to facilitate trade.

On the other hand, MEPs noted that the introduction of the transaction value method for automotive imports in their tariff assessment would be a positive step towards improving transparency and openness of the Malaysian trade regime. Members also found that the average rate applied by the MFN had increased from 5.6% to 7.5% during the reference period, that the tariff regime was complex, that tariff peaks and 20% of tariffs were unrelated. While MEPs appreciate Malaysia`s goal of becoming a hub for halal products, MEPs have sought clarification on halal certification and procedures. Malaysia has been called upon to review and reduce non-tariff measures, such as non-automatic import certificates, and to improve the overall transparency of its trade policies and measures by addressing the issue of outstanding notifications without delay. Concerns were expressed about the increase in the final anti-dumping measures instituted by Malaysia during the review period. This direction was aimed at strengthening the capacity of committee chairs, establishing a network of contacts between the chairmen of the national trade facilitation committees of different members and maintaining good cooperation with the organizations that will provide technical assistance to their respective national committees. Article 10.4 of the WTO ACCORD calls on Member States to “set up or maintain a single window of time for economic operators to provide participating authorities or agencies with documents and/or data requirements for the importation, export or transit of goods through a single depot. After checking the file and/or data by the relevant authorities or agencies, the results are communicated to applicants in a timely manner through the single window. An introductory video provides an overview of the implementation of the single window under Article 10.4 of the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement.

Members welcomed Malaysia`s active participation in the WTO and commended Malaysia for reducing tariffs under ITA-2 and for ratifying the protocol amending the TRIPS agreement. Malaysia`s participation in SMEs, investment facilitation, e-commerce and initiatives to strengthen trade and strengthen women`s economies at the last ministerial conference were also highlighted. While remaining committed to the rules-based multilateral trading system, Malaysia has expanded its RTA commitments, including negotiating the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) and the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP).

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